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Our slogan reflects our commitment to creating change in Jamaica.
JAMPACT’s organizational values:
Empowerment. Commitment. Creativity. Service. Drive.


JAMPACT will be the reference organization of young Jamaican professionals, students and friends of Jamaica who stimulate socio-economic growth and development in Jamaica and the Jamaica Diaspora.


The mission of JAMPACT is to use our collective energy, intelligence and resources to influence and improve socio-economic conditions, which affect Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora by (i) developing social welfare programs, with particular focus on educational initiatives targeting youth (ii) facilitate research, stimulate constructive dialogue and raise public awareness on topical issues; and (iii) provide opportunities and resources to grow and strengthen the network of young professionals, students and friends of Jamaica.

Our Partners

Jamaica Impact, Inc. has a proven track record of being a credible Jamaican organization with over 10 years of service. Varying corporate sponsors have made the decision to partner with us, and we have provided them with opportunities that not only meet their marketing objectives, but also highlight their commitment to the global Jamaican community.

We invite you to be a global partner with us, by sponsoring any of our special events or by directly supporting our programs.

Thank you to our partners in the U.S. and in Jamaica. We could not carry out our mission without your collaboration and support.

(Not Pictured): The Door Restaurant, Jerk Hut, Royal Caribbean Bakery

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