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With over 10 years of service to our community, our charitable activities marshall resources internationally to serve the needs of Jamaican educators and community organizations. JAMPACT leadership  invites you to learn more about our annual programs. We have years of proven results in improving quality of life and education on the island through these and other initiatives.

SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE Each summer, our annual school supplies and toy drive collects, packs, and ships brand-new school supplies and toys for the children at our four adopted schools in Jamaica, and their surrounding communities. Every year since 2008, via drop-off locations across the New York City metro area, JAMPACT collects several barrels worth of supplies from generous donors.

ADOPT A SCHOOL PROGRAM In 1999, JAMPACT adopted five basic schools (early childhood institutions) – Coles, Crescent Road, Maxfield Park, St. Steven’s, and Mt. Olive (now closed due to low school enrolment and community violence) – through our Adopt-A-School program. We provide material support to the schools in the form of cash donations for facility renovation and the purchase of furniture; in-kind donation of school supplies; annual holiday treats with the schools, and so on. JAMPACT seeks to be not merely a benefactor, but also to a partner in formulating the vision and the academic programs for the schools. Our immediate focus is to help our adopted basic schools/early childhood institutions, and eventually others, meet the Ministry’s registration standards. But JAMPACT’s long term vision for this program is to develop “model schools” in Jamaica.

TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM This program helps teachers and administrators at JAMPACT’s adopted schools pursue higher education and professional development in the field of education. JAMPACT Former President, Kamar Samuels, stated in his welcome speech that, “the goal is for our basic schools to become model early childhood institutions in Jamaica. However, we recognize that we can never get model schools if we don’t have model teachers. This program is the first step in our effort to enhance the quality of education being delivered in these schools.

CHRISTMAS TREAT Each year JAMPACT hosts Christmas Treat, which provides a day of fun, food, and toys/gifts for our adopted school communities. The classrooms receive extra items to enhance their play areas, such as magnetic alphabets, number sets, and Legos. Additionally schools receive recreational items, teaching aids, school supplies. “Every year we look forward to this Christmas Treat and the bonus presents which add so much to our classrooms. The children are happy to see the visitors and the community turns out in large numbers,” said Mrs. Bennett, Principal of Crescent Rd. Basic School.

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